Our five-year Plan

Year 1
Our intent is at the end of year 1 to have 10,000 trees planted and the grove fully operational, while planning and preparing for the next four years. The construction of our Hot House which has a fully controllable climate for the propagation of our trees will play a pivotable role in the construction of the Groves for the years to come. It will have the capacity to house up to 10,000 trees at a time in the heat beds.

Year 2
Year 2 will entail maintaining the existing grove and adding another development of a further 10,000 trees to form our second Grove while planning and preparing for the next stage. Adjunt to this operation Research and Development begins for the construction of an over row Harvester and Mechanical pruning machine for the Grove(s). This will be an on going task for years to come. SQF will be established and implemented with the beginning of the Certification for the BFA's Organic status.

Year 3
Year 3 involves maintaining the established groves and developing 10,000 trees in a further 3 rd Grove while planning for the following year. The first Havest of Grove 1 should take place.

Year 4
Year 4, the plan is to maintain the existing Groves . The Harvest of Grove 1 and the first commercial harvest of Grove 2 .

Year 5
Year 5 will see the care and maintenance of the existing Groves and the first major harvest and pruning of Groves 1,2 &3 (part there of). This will give rise to the selling of the crop which is invisiged to be oil sold in Australia and Overseas in the form of fruit or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



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